The event is sold out

But people always bail out 🙂 

It’s recommended to sell/buy your tickets on → Ticketswap ←


EVERYONE needs a ticket to attend the Event even Volunteers

Volunteering does not give you access without a ticket!

Entrance & tent camping: €50 (+ ticket fee)

Includes entrance, tent camping and parking. 

Entrance & bed above dining room €60 (+ ticket fee)

Includes entrance,  parking and a bunk bed in a 38 persons dormitory above the dining room. This room is quiet.

Entrance & bed above party room €60 (+ ticket fee)

Includes entrance,  parking and a bunk bed in a 25 persons dormitory above the party room. Beware that during the night there will be noise in this room. We stop music at 04:00, but hey, it’s a burn 🙂

How is your money spend?