The Event

To Wonder...

… a feeling of great surprise and admiration caused by seeing or experiencing something that is strange and new

… the quality of exciting amazed admiration

… rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience

Come and wanderwonder with us at Winter Wonderburn, from Thursday March 19th until Sunday March 22th

Burn Winter, Celebrate Life


In the beautiful forest of the Belgian Ardennes near Luxembourg lies the perfectly secluded valley of the river Ourthe. A place to wonder and burn.

The place is quiet. The place is beautiful. The place is amazing! Wonder through the forest and it’s 3,8km walkways. Create a bonfire with wood gathered from the trees. Attent a workshop. Dance the night away. Be amazed by the sheer beauty of the Ardennes.

Come for peace! Come for love! Come to party! Come to Burn!

What is provided for?

There are 96 beds in total and a 120 persons dining room. A communal kitchen and a storage room, 4 showers, 7 toilets and washing facility. Toilet paper and soap will be on site. A big field next to the small river can be used for camping (tents only).

There will be an inside room for party-ing and workshops. A wooden tipi outside where a fire can be created. A fire pit outside to burn! 

You are all free to use the facilities.

But... everything else is brought in by YOU!

Self reliable

In order to keep this first burn manageable this is a completely self reliant event. So for the four days you are there, you need to bring in your own food and beverages. There is a kitchen and cooling facilities that you can use and a dining area where you can eat.

Please remember to take all the left over food & drinks back home.

We received a message from the location that tap water is currently NOT DRINKABLE without being cooked first.

  • The drinking water from the taps on the domain is NOT DRINKABLE

  • After being cooked, it is drinkable. Cooking food is no problem.

  • You can wash and clean with it

  • Showering is not a problem if you do not swallow any quantities of water


Bring at least the following items:

  • bed linen
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • food
  • water

And if you are camping add these items too:

  • a tent
  • a mattress


Build starts on Wednesday the 18th at 9PM.


Sunday is strike day, we have to clear the area at 12PM straight. After that we do a thorough moop sweep. Remember, leave no trace!

The location does not provide a cleaning service. This means we have to clean all the buildings ourselves. But since we are burners and leave no trace, we do this naturally of course. There are cleaning facilities on site.


26 rue du moulin Magotiaux

B-6670 Steinbach